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Topics: Nursing, Charleston, South Carolina, Community Pages: 1 (296 words) Published: January 31, 2013
A geopolitical community is the most traditional view of a community. It consists of a geographical community and a political community. It is geopolitical because a geographical boundary is usually what is followed when creating a political boundary. An example would be a river that separates two counties. In my community, the Cooper River separates Berkley county South Carolina and Dorchester county South Carolina. A phenomenological community shares the same mind-set in values, beliefs, interests and goals. This type of community is formed based on the sense of belonging and common interests. An example is a religious or social group. Members of a phenomenological community do not always share the same geopolitical community. An example of this would be a church across town that you go to because you like the sense of community that the congregation has. A political group would also be an example of this. Some challenges that community health nurses may face in providing care for different communities include both language barriers and cultural barriers. Some benefits that could arise from community health nurses providing care for different communities could include intercultural exchange. As the nurse provides care to members of the community, there would be an increase in the awareness of members of this community and also the nurse would benefit with the ability to be flexible with the skills learned to provide care for diverse populations. A possible solution to the language barrier problem could be assigning an interpreter to nurses who serve areas in which English is a second language. Also, it would be helpful for employers to provide cultural awareness training class to nurses before they enter a community. Maurer, F. & Smith, C. (2009). Community/Public Health Nursing Practice: Health for Families and Populations, 4th Edition.
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