Windshield Survey

Childhood obesity, Smoking cessation

Windshield Survey

When planning a care plan or services for a community as a registered nurse, it is

imperative to be fully aware of all aspects pertaining to that specific area. Such aspects

include acquiring knowledge of the community, health-related resources that may be

useful to its’ members, and learning about gaps in services. The following paragraphs

will discuss data particular to the city of Covina, California in the purpose of conducting

an assessment and survey of the community.


A community is defined as a local area made of formal organization systems

mirroring society’s institutions, informal groups, and aggregates (Shuster & Goeppinger,

2008). In specific, Covina is considered a fairly small city in the heart of San Gabriel

Valley of Los Angeles County. The community of Covina mission statement is as

follows: To provide responsive municipal services and manage public resources to

enhance the quality of life for our community (City of covina, n.d.). Another important

part of a community is the health community aspect. “Community health has three

characteristics: status, structure, and process” (Shuster & Goeppinger, 2008, pp. 345).

Rather than focusing on shared characteristics of people, community health focuses on

geographic areas. Status, for example, makes up the biological, emotional, and social

parts. Services and resources are the structure part of community health, and third,

process is defined as the steps needed for community action (Shuster & Goeppinger,

2008, pp. 345-347). Every community may also be referred as a client, especially when

the attention is set to the population.

Community Aspects Affecting Health

Different aspects of a community may hinder health. Examples of three effects

include: childhood obesity, diabetes...
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