Geopolitical Populations

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DQ 2
Consider the different communities to which you belong:
1. What is the geopolitical community in which a person would live? Why is it geopolitical? Maurer and Smith (2008) define a geopolitical community as “a spatial designation—a geographic or geopolitical area or place.” (p. 400) This can be illustrated by looking at the natural or human-made boundaries in which people live in. For example, a group of people whom all live in Sedona, Arizona can be described as living in a geopolitical community. They have a natural division of plants and mountains, which separates them from the next town. You can also see the geopolitical community differences between Scottsdale, Arizona and downtown Phoenix, Arizona. They are both located within close physical proximity of each other, but since they are divided by two separate legal boundaries, they are considered two separate geopolitical communities. The difference between the two cities is also noticeable in the landscaping, school systems, and general appearance of the environment. Maurer and Smith (2008) states, geopolitical communities are formed by either natural or human-made boundaries. A river, a mountain range, or a valley may create a natural boundary; for example, the Chesapeake Bay separates Maryland into the eastern and western shores. Human-made boundaries may be structural, political, or legal. Streets, bridges, orrailroad tracks may create structural boundaries. City, county, or state lines create legal boundaries. Political boundaries may be exemplified by congressional districts or school districts. (p. 400)

2. What is a phenomenological community to which a person can belong? Why is it a phenomenological community? Maurer and Smith (2008) define a phenomenological community as “a relational rather than a spatial designation.” (p. 400) Thus, a community in which a common interest is present and therefore would facilitate a sense of membership and belonging. This type of...
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