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GCSE French/ German/ Spanish
Revision Plan
Your listening exam is worth 20% of your overall GCSE grade. Your reading exam is worth 20% of your overall GCSE grade.
General guidance for the exam papers:
* The exam papers will feature questions based on ANY of the topics found in your textbook (even the ones you have forgotten about because you did them ages ago at the beginning of Year 10) * All of the instructions on the exam paper will be in English and your answers will also be in English (in fact most are just a letter e.g. A/B/C or in the popular positive/ negative questions you answer will be P/N/ P+N). * Before you start the listening exam you will be given 5 minutes to read through the paper. During this time you should look through each question and make sure you understand what you are being asked to do, consider which topic area it belongs to and think of possible vocab that you may have to listen out for. You should also check that in questions which rely on images that you know what each image is trying to portray. * Make sure that you write your answer clearly in the boxes/ lines provided. * Never leave a question blank. Most of the questions are multiple choice and even for the questions that are not multiple choice you should always make an educated guess. The topic areas from your textbook are:

* Lifestyle: food/ healthy and unhealthy diets and lifestyle/ drugs/ alcohol/smoking/ exercise/ sports/ describing people/ family relationships/future plans for relationships and family/ equality/ poverty/ racism * Leisure: free time activities/ pocket money and spending habits/ fashion/ new technology/ media/ holidays/ festivals/ * Home and environment: routine/ house descriptions/ town/ region/ weather/ pollution/ environmental problem and solutions/ * Work and Education: school description/ school life (problems, pressures etc)/ jobs/ work/ after the exams You should not overlook the basics that may not be in the...
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