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MMK277 Marketing Management
Final Examination Trimester 1 2012
Time allowed 2 hours.
(15 minutes reading time extra) This examination paper contributes a possible 40% of the overall unit marks. The paper itself is marked out of 100, and each section in this paper reflects possible marks out of 100. Number of pages (including cover page): 11 Instructions to Candidates: Please do the following as NO examination booklet is provided: 1. Mark your answers to Section 1 on the provided mark sensing sheet. 2. Write your answers to Sections 2, 3 and 4 on this paper. 3. Write your student number clearly on the front cover of this examination paper (see below). There are 4 Sections to this examination paper. i. Section 1 consists of 25 multiple choice questions (1 mark each correct answer = 25 marks) Section 2 consists of a four short answer questions (25 marks) Section 3 consists of three short answer questions (25 marks) Section 4 consists of three short answer questions (25 marks)

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Demo MMK277 Marketing Management Tri-X 200X

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Section 1. Multiple Choice Questions (25 Marks) Please mark the correct answer on the mark sensing sheet provided, being sure to also place your student number on that sheet. There is only one example provided as these are drawn from the same textbook test bank as your online tests with which you are already familiar. 1.X. _________variables segment markets in terms of shared activities, interests and opinions. a) b) c) d) e) Homogenous Socio-economic Psychographic Demographic Lifestyle

Section 2: (25 Marks) Short answer questions
In highly contested markets, each competitor will set about ascertaining which criteria customers regard as important when making their purchase decision. Let us examine the Adelaide based chocolate marketer Haigh and speculate how a new competitor – the Melbourne Australia based Koko Black – might position its brand in order to effectively compete against Haigh. Both market high quality chocolates through their own stores, or salons as Koko Black prefers to call them. When entering the Melbourne market, Koko Black located in the CBD fashion precinct that Haigh had already located its flagship store, but in different arcades off the Collins and Bourke streets. Both have stores in other quality locations such as Toorak and Chadstone. In going head-to-head in this manner with hand-crafted packaged quality chocolates, the question becomes how they differentiate themselves from each other and competitors such as Darrell Lea which market a broader range of chocolates and confectionaries through their own stores located in the CBD and more widely throughout Melbourne and other cities and towns. Clearly, brands such as Haigh and Koko Black wish to be perceived as ‘exclusive’ brands, and since each has a limited number of distribution outlets, each is therefore unable to afford media coverage, and it would be wasteful if Koko Black did try to position the brand via mass media advertising. Nevertheless, Koko Black must be positioned up against, or away from the Haigh brand. Let us take the hypothetical situation where Koko Black conducts blind taste tests with Melbourne CBD individuals and establishes the likelihood of respondents recommending the brands tasted, which are summarised in the Table 1.1 on the next page.

Demo MMK277 Marketing Management Tri-X 200X

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Table 2.1
Will you be recommending the products shown to your friends? Koko Black Gift Boxes Haigh Gift Boxes Certain, Practically Certain (99 in 100) 10 10 Almost Sure (9 in 10) 9 9 Very Probable (8 in 10) 8 8 Probable (7 in 10) 7 7 Good Possibility (6 in 10) 6 6 Fairly Good Possibility (5 in 10) 5 5 Fair Possibility (4 in 10) 4 4 Some Possibility (3 in 10) 3 3 Slight Possibility (2 in 10) 2 2 Very Slight Possibility (1 in 10) 1 1 No Chance, Almost No Chance (1 in 100) 0 0

Koko Black Bars Haigh...
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