Topics: Sun, Earth, Mother goddess Pages: 2 (457 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Jose Manuel Fuentes
English 1302
Tuesday November 20, 2012
Poetry/ Song Project


Gaia is the personification of earth. According to Greek mythology, Gaia is the goddess of the earth and the great mother of all. We often wonder why the drastic changes in climate, we are now more concern about our contaminated environment, and we are now more concern about global warming. Unfortunately is been human the reason why now we are wondering about the changes in earth. Therefore, I presenting this song that reflects the sentiment that mother earth have towards humanity. Gaia is a song written by Txus di fellatio who was the founder, still a member, and drummer of the rock band Mago de Oz (Spanish for Wizard of Oz). The song was written and released in 2003, in the album also named Gaia. Gaia is consider as a concept album with two main themes, the wild Spanish conquest of America and the ecological abuse of mankind towards mother earth (Gaia). The song Gaia is a touching and cruel story about a Hispanic American woman who was condemn to die in the electric chair for a crime that she did not commit. The first couple of lines reveal Gaia on the day of her execution desiring to squeeze the song to feel a little warm. She is shock and devastated because of the cruel and unjust decision that was made. The reader can understand that she was very cold as never before knowing that it was her last day that she was going to be alive and knowing that she was just moments away to die in the electric chair. She didn’t understand the why of that decision. She never hated yet she was about to die electrocuted. Going down a couple more lines on the song the reader find Gaia asking for compassion. All she wants is to be free and to be able to see the sun rise once again. Despite that she is minutes away from her dead, she still have hopes of forgiveness. Many memories are going and passing by her head. Although she lived among a cruel humanity and she is about to die; yet...
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