Topics: Destiny, 2004 singles, English-language films Pages: 2 (615 words) Published: May 11, 2013
Gattica Reflection
The movie GATTICA was a very interesting and entertaining movie. I do believe that it is very possible for our world to become like this one day. It is in human nature to discriminate against one another and all throughout history that has been shown. If we were introduced to Genoism, I have no doubt that it will take over our society and impact the way we think and live. Personally, I strongly disagree with everything that has to do with Genoism and genetically modifying people. The way that invalids or degenerates are treated in the movie show a very inhumane part of mankind. To treat people differently because they are natural and not selectively chosen and created seems very absurd to me. What ever happened to simple manners and respect for those who are less fortunate and was uncontrollably born as a Godchild? It was their parent’s choice and they should be given a fair chance to show what they can do, and if they are not physically able, they should be considered a handicap and be given special privileges. I believe very strongly in God, and fate. I believe that everything that happens is meant to be. I believe that God has a plan and there is a predetermined destiny for my child to follow. However, because invalids are treated the way they are in that society, I would not doom my child to a life of inescapable misery. I would sacrifice the faith in fate so that my child can have an equal, successful place in the world. I would try to hold on to the fact that if God did not want this to happen, he would not have blessed us with the knowledge to be able to do so. Narrowing down to DNA, I believe that it plays a big role in who someone is and their identity. DNA controls the looks, the physical capabilities, and the mental capabilities that person has. However, the physical and mental part can be strengthened throughout life. Also, the choices that we make every day create a different path for us, and the path that we take...
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