An Artist That I Admire

Topics: Jimi Hendrix, Positive psychology, Psychedelic rock Pages: 1 (426 words) Published: July 12, 2011
..Janis Joplin..

There are many people I have come across in my life that have earned my gratitude and respect. Of all the great musical artists, I feel that Janis Joplin was much overlooked and was a woman far beyond her time. She was a very talented artist. She was a painter all through high school. She started singing after she graduated and she said it changed her life, "Painting is kind of a hold in and be quiet kind of thing and singing is a more free..., flow out kind of thing. Your whole lifestyle just becomes more... flow out." Janis said this in an interview at her old high school reunion. Janis Joplin, the great psychedelic music artist, never found true love. It seemed as though she never had total happiness. This could be the reason she turned to drugs, which so tragically ended her life. Once in an interview she compared men to mule carts, "Have you ever seen those mule carts? They dangle a carrot in front of the mules face and it keeps chasing something its never going to get." Love is something that everybody needs, and though intelligent and talented, Janis never found it. Janis took her own life one night and overdosed on drugs. This is something about her I do not respect or admire. She was very depressed about it and her friends could tell. Jerry Garcia once said, "Jimi (Hendrix) and Janis were both very lonely. There was no one there for them when they went home." This could be part of the reason that Janis made that fatal mistake. It may have seemed that she didn't have any happiness in her life, but I think that she did. She turned out to be the most successful to all the kids from high school. When asked what she was going to do when she returned to her high school reunion back in Texas, she replied, "A lot of laughing." It was her turn. She was a very talented person who had to deal with a lot in her life. The lyrics to her music tell the story of her tragic life. She spent her whole life looking for something she was missing. She...
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