Future Healthy Food Business Plan

Topics: Old age, Nutrition, Target market Pages: 2 (461 words) Published: April 12, 2013
EEM Assignment Draft
Product: Jelly with smaller pack with convenient, effective and healthy for life. Taste natural from different kind of natural resources with nutrients. Better than taking vitamins like pills or juice that packing inside glasses or even packing in the way of box such as fruit juice box. Why it is a good idea:

* Easy to eat because it make by jelly mix with gel. Jelly is better than gel because it taste better and jelly is more chewable than gel. * It is convenient because its packing is small, around (2*1) cm size/ small packet. Can carry anywhere easily such as put inside bag or put inside pocket. * Natural ingredients that full with different kind of nutrients (view Agel website) Different types of ingredients bring different types of function or benefit for our health. * Suitable for all age but the types of product are differentiate into different level for different age of consumer. * Specialist good for people nowadays because they are busy in work or study, so this product is convenient to consume for their health such as vitamin, energy or so on.

4 idea of why it is doesn’t work:
* Old age people pretend to eat fruits, vegetables or traditional pills or healthy food rather than taking this product which produce by gel or jelly. * Highly cost needed for this product or services because the ingredient of product is fully organic or natural resources. Besides, the wending machine are expensive but can’t place it to all the train station (more people compare to taxis station). * Need strong advertise for new product to promote to the consumer or market. * Hardly people will purchase it while online because consumers pretend to see and taste in food.

Types of consumer:
* All age of consumer but differentiate into different types of product for different ages of consumer due to the needs of consumer in their health. * Major target market is consumer that >25 years...
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