Food Labels

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Baked Beans Label
Per ½ can:

A food label allows for the consumer to identify what sort of nutrients are in their food and how much of each one they are eating on a daily basis. Our food label, as shown above, has been designed in this form as they appear to look like a tin of beans which interlinks with the product we are selling. We have added in this information as it shows the most important nutrients that are taken in by the body to ensure essential energy production and help maintain a healthy diet. We have added in the traffic light system as we believe it may benefit the consumer, as it shows which percentages of the nutrients are being consumed. The red tin demonstrates a high level which in turn if too much is eaten can be bad for your health in contrast to the green tin which shows a good, healthy level. As the colours are international, it also allows those who are unable to speak any language at a basic level to understand our label. We think our food label is a more productive way of showing which nutrients are more beneficial to your health in this product. We have added alongside our traffic light system our mathematical symbols to give you more information on whether you should eat more, less or the same amount of each nutrient. Due to its appearance being more appealing than others, it attracts the consumer’s attention straight away and it allows them to identify that what they are eating is health or unhealthy for them. Furthermore, as it has a basic layout it is easier to be read. The information that is being displayed in our label cannot be viewed as misleading as it clearly states that the amount the label is being based upon is for ½ a can. This means that the consumers need to make note that the information provided is not for a whole can. Additionally, we have added in a guided daily allowance (GDA) box, which shows what an individual should be consuming each day based on an average healthy adult. Therefore, it allows...
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