Assisting Support Customers with Food and Drink

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Unit 4222-222 Support individuals to eat and drink

Outcome 1 Be able to support individuals to make choices about food and drink

Outcome 1

1. To establish with an individual the food and drink they wish to consume is always done by chose but also considering any dietary issues that need to be incorporated. The use of customers care plan will first give you a brief outline of there allergies (if any), likes and dislikes so no what not to include within there choices. Then the next step would be direct communication with the customer themselves using there chosen form of communication. This could be verbal, both (words or sounds), then there’s Mackiton , sign language or pointing to an object. Also use of eye contact, facial expression and body language can indicate a choice With the use of the physical food/drink products or photos of the products whilst pointing and verbally stating the product we can establish clear communication of what’s on offer. Give the customers plenty of time to consider there choose and repeat if back to them when indicated. If the customer is does not have the capacity to chose that given day you can make the chose for them, using principles of that you have required knowledge of the customer health or dietary issues, likes/ dislikes and Varity to reduce the likely hood of practising institutional abuse and to also resume the practise of choice in future practise.

2. When encouraging customers to make a suitable options when choosing food and drink you communicate politely with encouragement and empathy. Make they aware of the reasons for the better choice in a way they understand and is truthful. The suitable choice may be for dietary needs or health and safety reasons such as allergy issues or just to encourage a better Varity in the food and drink. You would also reduce the stress of the chose by not putting the customer in a position that may compromise there judgment, such as taking them to a dinning place filled with undesirable food choices when there on a healthy eating plan. Plan ahead and communicate with other staff and working professionals on there options available.

3. Ways to resolve any difficulties or dilemmas about the choice of food and drink is to always plan ahead for each customers insuring a Varity of chooses are available to them which complies with any dietary or medical needs. When there is a dilemma about food and drink choices that couldn’t be resolved with planning ahead then tackle the issue by staying calm and insuring the customer that we will do are best to arrange an appropriate alternative. Communicating with other staff within your team and community venues in a calm and positive way to ensure we resolve the problem in a way that is good for everyone.

4. You would emergently seek guidance about an individuals choice of food and drink when you feel your client well-being or health is being affective. You would emergently express your concerns to your line manger and gather advice from other working professions such as doctors and other carers/guardians so as to set up and put in place an up to date food and drink plan.

Outcome 2

1. Each customer has a different level and type of support when eating and drinking, this information can be found in the individuals care plan and when communicating with other working professionals. You would support the individual in a way that helps them to practise there independence to the best level possible. 2. When supporting customers with there food and drink needs you must also practise effective hand-washing procedures. Washing your hands would need to be done before and after handling any food or drink and when assisting support customers needs so as to eliminate the risk of cross infection. The use of hand sanitizer can also be used to further minimise cross infection but is not used to clean dirty hands. When working directly with preparation of food Protective clothing is used...
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