Fungal Disease in Malaysia

Topics: Leaf, Infection, Bacteria Pages: 3 (985 words) Published: March 19, 2013
List down 3 fungal disease which are available in Malaysia
Num| Pathogen| Host plant| Identifications| Controls|
1| Black Pod,Phytophthora palmivora| Cocoa plant | Early symptoms: * Formation of watery spots on the fruit surface.Symptoms: * Spots grow and change color to brown and turn dark brown in color that covers the entire surface of the fruit. * Infection on the immature fruit caused overall seed rot * In wet weather, the formation of a spots of white sporangia can be seen on the surface of the fruit attacked.| * Destroy the infected part * good agricultural practices * the use of fungicides in the limited time of season and the rainy season * the use of biological control as an alternative to the use of fungicides| 2| Rice blast,Pyricularia Oryzae Cavara| Rice plant| * Disease can infect paddy at all growth stages and all aerial parts of plant (Leaf, neck and node). * Neck region develops a black color and shriveled completely / Partially grain set inhibited, panicle breaks at the neck and hangs * Appearances blasted or burnt on leaf, neck and internode | * Use seed from a disease - free crop * Destruction of wild collateral hosts * Timely removal of weed hosts * Destruction of infected plants * Spraying of Triclyclazole at 0.6 gm/liter of water or Edifenphos at 1 ml/lit of water or Carbendazim at 1.0 gm/lit. * 3 to 4 sprays each at nursery,Tillering stage and panicle emergence stage may be required for complete control.| 3.| Fusarium wilt or Panama Disease,Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubense| Banana| * The infected plant usually shows the yellowing of the leaves starting from leaf margins turning brown and dying progressively to the mid rib. * Yellowing and dying of leaves starts on the older leaves; the dead leaves hang down at the side of the pseudostem. * the plant dies when infection is so severe. * the pseodostem is cut in cross-section, blakening of the xylem tissues can be...
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