Case Study Phytophthora and Mt State Worth National Park

Topics: Environmental protection, Richards Bay Coal Terminal, Phytophthora Pages: 8 (2778 words) Published: November 10, 2010
Phytophthora which is responsible for the root rots is also known as jarrah dieback, cinnamon fungus and wildflower dieback. Most phytophthora species produces three types of spores, zoospores, oospores and chlamydospores. Among these two major types found are zoospores and chlamydospores. Zoospores are formed in sporangium. Each sporangium roughly produces 20-30 zoospores. Production of zoospores occurs normally in moist conditions and around temperature range of 22-28°C. Two flagella helps their motility and they can survive up to four days. On the other hand chlamydospores are produced when conditions are unfavourable. They are also produced from mycelium, but they possess thick cell walls and can survive for years in soil or host tissues. Thus they can wait for the favourable conditions for years. Phytophthora infections are host specific. So it is highly unlikely that all the species showing advanced stages of dying near Lake Eildon would be infected with phytophthora. However there were few cases where phytophthora infections were found near lake for example near Kent Lake in California several trees were found infected with phytophthora ramorum. There are few characteristics of phytophthora infection through which one can check if it is a phytophthora infection like yellowing of foliage. There is not any treatment which can cure phytophthora infection, nor there is any way one can stop the spreading of infection once it has infested the area. One can only prevent it from spreading to uninfected areas by taking specific care. To manage phytophthora three risk zones have been identified, - High risk zone – where by clinical tests its proven that the area is infected -Moderate risk zone – where its potential to infect are high, but it has not infected -Low risk zone – where its potential to infect are low.

The following practices would help minimising the risk of spreading phytophthora -Familiarise yourself with risk zones.
-When travelling to risk zones take care of cleaning the vehicles, machinery, equipments, foot wears and bicycle tyres before leaving, as these can be main sources of transfer of infection. -Avoid going from high risk zone to low risk zones.

-Stay on formed roads and tracks.
-Avoid removing any soil, plant material or water from high risk zones. -Clean the machinery and vehicles with disinfectant like sodium hypochlorite. -Water if obtained from dams or streams, disinfect it.

Main water source near Mt. Worth state park is river Tarwin and moonlight creek which flows through the park. The state park is wet mountain forest area with average rainfall of about 2000mm. With cool, moist and temperate climate the condition

Significant features of Mt. Worth State Park
Mt. Worth state park is situated in Gippsland region of Victoria, and considered important part of the Victoria’s park system of which main aim is to protect state’s natural environments occurring on public land. The park is open for visitors and consists of few walks as well allowing visitors to enjoy natural surroundings and appreciate cultural values. It has been assign to IUCN category III of the United Nation’s list of natural parks and protected areas. Below are some significant features of the park

-Remnant stands of Mountain Ash which used to cover much of the Western Strzelecki Ranges -Wet forest which covers flourishing plant communities and several threatened species -There are also areas of pasture from early European settlement, advanced understorey species and areas of relatively undisturbed catchments. -The giant Gippsland earth worm, listed by IUCN as vulnerable species populates here. CULTURAL VALUES

-Presence of many relics of the European settlement and land use including sawmilling, timber extraction and agriculture. -Historic landscapes of pastures and exotic trees set against wet forest and panoramic mountain views. -Park has an...
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