What Are the Differences Between Bacterial, Viral Fungal and Parasitic Infections? How Is Each Treated?

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  • Published : December 7, 2011
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Research Report 1:
What are the differences between bacterial, viral fungal and parasitic infections? How is each treated?

A bacteria is a living cell organism that can survive inside our body and other non living objects as well. There are both good and bad bacterias and the good bacteria is known to helps fight against the bad bacteria that makes it's way into our bodies. According to a www.righthealth.com, less then 1% of bacteria is actually harmful to us. In fact, we couldn't survive without bacteria in our body. A bacteria infection is described as an imbalance of bacteria that can cause harm to our bodies. It occurs when the harmful bacteria enter our body through contaminated, non pasteurized or expired foods; cuts or sores on or skin; and even through open passages such as eyes, ears, teeth or genitals. Bacterial infections could be harmful to us because it produces toxins which damage surrounding cells. Most bacterial infections are generally in one single area of the body and are characterized by pain and some swelling. The human body is not capable of fighting off most bacterial infections so they can mainly be treated with antibiotics.

A viral infection is a type of infection by a virus. It is one in which is spreaded by a virus that is pathogenic to human beings. They are much smaller than bacteria and it is much more difficult to kill a virus than it is to kill bacteria. A virus can't grow or exist without any host cells. It could cause illnesses as minor as the common cold or as severe a AIDS. Unlike Bacterial Infections, antibiotics do not kill viruses and the use of them for viral infections could lead to an antibiotic resistance. There are only a few antiviral medications, but the best thing to do when facing a viral infection is let it run it's course.

A fungal infection could affect many parts of the body and can be one of the more difficult pathogen types to treat. Healthy individuals have a very high level of immunity...