What Effect Do the Different Levels of Ecb Infestation of the Bt and Non-Bt Corn Have on the Yields?

Bacillus thuringiensis, Soil, Genetically modified maize

Biology IBO
Group 61
Teacher: Lorena Isabel Garza Hinojosa
Student: Angélica López Hernández ID: A01211745
Due Date: 19/08/2008
“Design your own Bio Lab”
Dependent and Independent Variables

Problem Statement:
How different wavelengths of light affect the rate of photosynthesis?

*Dependent: wavelength of light (color)
Method for controlling variables:
All types of corn must be grown in the same soil and nutrient conditions, watering amounts and light conditions. They must be grown in separated plant chambers, and the seeds will be planted in three pots and each grow chamber will be labeled. The amount of ECB that is added to the plantation must always be in the same quantity corresponding to the level of infestation. Also the amount of seeds must always be the same in every experiment.

The yield of a Bt corn must be larger than the yield of a non Bt corn because of the pesticide that the Bt corn has that helps exterminating the ECB plague which causes low yield weight. Background

The European Corn Borer (ECB) is a major corn insect pest. The adult moths of ECB emerge form the pupae and mate during April and May. Each female lays up to 600 eggs on the undersides of leaves. After hatching, larvae begin feeding on leaf surfaces. This process continues until pupation in spring. A corn plant seed weighs about .28 g. In less than 10 weeks (~140 days) it grows into a plant of 2-3 meters tall. In the following two and half months, it produces 500 to 1000 seeds. Bacillus thuringienesis, or Bt is a soli bacterium found worldwide. This bacterium produces crystalline proteins (Cry proteins) that are stomach poisons for specific insects. Various formulations of Bt have been used as insecticides against the ECB on different types of corn. Geneticists create Bt corn by inserting a Cry protein gene from Bt into the corn plant’s own DNA. This corn is a transgenic organism because it has been...
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