Fund Allocation

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Fund Allocation
Grand Canyon University
May 12, 2010
The finance systems for public schools throughout the United States are different from state to state. This is due to the property tax rate setup by the local school districts, local officials, and directly by the citizens in a certain area. Depending on the location and area of the schools and their districts, funding can be abundant or scarce in numbers. This means that if the school is located within a wealthy community, they will receive more funding than schools located in a poor community. It is the sole responsibility of the administrator within a school to understand the distribution of funds through either Average Daily Attendance (ADA) or Average Daily Membership (ADM). Administrators need to know the best way to get funding for their schools and how it will be used to best serve the students. Schools are changing daily and funds are not readily available to schools as they were in the past. Effective administrators need to learn how to plan for each school year with the anticipation and knowledge that things could change quickly in the areas of their revenue and allotted expenditures. In a rapidly growing and ever changing society, administrators need to understand the challenges that students face on a daily basis and how to overcome these challenges to effectively teach and engage students in a classroom setting. Technology, IDEA, No Child Left Behind, and support services have changes the outlook on education. School systems and educators are now implementing the use technology into their daily instruction to incorporate twenty first century skills into their classroom. Many people do not understand the funding that is needed for public schools and the resources needed to actively engage students in the learning process. Twenty first century learners do not learn by lecture, pencil, and paper. These technological children like to learn through the use of ipods, computers, the internet, laptops, wiki pages, etc. If we actively engage our students by implementing technology into our classroom, using manipulatives, and hands on activities to enhance our instruction students will more likely to become engaged. Unfortunately, funding is sometimes based on data taken from the school districts. Test scores differ from county to county depending on the culture and wealth of the community members in that particular are. Without adequate funding, these new teaching techniques wouldn’t be possible. Students with special needs are often being left behind because they require more services and funding to provide them with the adequate materials to learn. Twenty first century schools have higher expectations and accountability for their students than they did in the past. These levels, especially with testing data and scores, increase every year. Each state needs to come together with the school districts to decide how they are going to give each school the funding that they need by using Average Daily Attendance or Average Daily Membership averages. As an effective administrator, I would decide to use Average Daily Membership to help receive and distribute the funds that are needed for my school. Average Daily Membership is more effective than Average Daily Attendance because it is more reflective and accurate when taking a student count within the school. If ADA was the deciding factor on proper funds, attendance rates would decrease the funds allotted to me school and schools in general. Effective administrators need to look into both ADA and ADM averages before making any decisions on funding for their schools. School districts that serve and teach more students are awarded, or allotted more money because it is divided on a set amount of money, or funds, per student. Rural districts do not have as many students in their schools as urban districts. Their class sizes are often small, especially when compared...
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