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  • Published : April 22, 2013
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Improving Education in Texas
United States is known for their freedom of opportunity for education. Our education system has given us a wide variety in choices to what we want to achieve and earn our degree in. Our government has also given us the opportunity to achieve these goals for those who struggle to afford the education with such as loans and grants. So what is such the problem that students really struggle with? It has been recorded that only a little over 50 percent of students who start a four-year degree plan earns their degree in six, and where Texas it is even less. As a student myself, I face the struggles that college students face to complete school. Texas has been known for their excessive number of dropouts. In my opinion, Texas can improve the number of dropouts by understanding the real life struggles of a student that they face to balance their time and labor to manage the expenses for school.

As a student myself, I have encounter many students that has either downgrade their level of education or could not complete school. The many of the few reasons was that they did not have the time or just couldn’t afford the expenses. And the source of reason why student’s did not have the time were because they busy having to work hoping they’ll be able to afford the education. A student I’ve known, that is having to delay his completion in his four-year degree plan was because he is having to spend more hours at work to afford the expenses he has to pay at home. And because the amount of money he makes, he has been ineligible for financial aid. Therefore, school on top was way out of his budget, now he has to continue focusing on building capitol in able to afford and complete school.

Although government is providing and offering many opportunities to afford school, we still struggle to find ways to keep students not only to start school, but also to complete school. So far in what I have been impressed by the government is the requirements...
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