Freud Defense Mechanisms

Topics: Defence mechanism, Self-esteem, Id, ego, and super-ego Pages: 2 (708 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Carlos Delgado
2/7/13 Ch.1 Theories of Psychology - Freud
Two examples that can illustrate 2 of Freud's defense mechanisms that I can clearly think of are of Displacement and Regression. I have actually seen these defense mechanisms in action played out by me. For Example there has been times where I have used displacement to borrow my parent's car to go out, I've simply gotten the keys and just gone up to my parents and have said "Alright, I'm out." My parents will usually respond asking where I'm going and of course I'm waiting for approval so, I'll answer saying something like "To my friend's house, Aaron's," and simply by mentioning who I'm going to go visit or hang out with they'll know how far I'm going- in this case a friend close to home- which of course sounds far safer than saying something that'll have them think I'll be on the road driving all over the place. One example where I have used Regression as a defense mechanism has been in occasions where I'm hanging out with friends and friends of my friends at parties or smaller group gatherings like when I'm going out for dinner. Sometimes I rather begin a conversation or lead a small talk with topics that are light or simply funny and honest for the simple fact that there has been times where I have not liked what has been said or I've feared being judged a certain way for engaging in certain topics when I'm aware that there's a time and place for such talks or I'm aware that there's children or elders and such language or topics shouldn't be discussed so openly. 1. The role of ego in a person, in my opinion, is the conscious and unconscious balance that a person has of self worth and self esteem and the ability to recognize reality in such way that, if a person has a healthy ego, they have good self worth and good self esteem enough to go about life...
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