How Can Ego Affect Our Life?

Topics: Effect, Affect, Decision making Pages: 1 (345 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Ego is that feeling which has both positive and negative effects. The positive effect is that if a person has ego and is challenged for any work then he/she tries hard to get the work done and tries hard to win the challenge. For example, a person has ego and he is challenged in a competition then he works very hard to win the competition. And if the competition is a legal one then it may help the individual a little. But there are other aspects of ego.

Misunderstandings are occurred because of ego. If a person has ego, he/she will not agree to any point stated by the others and there occurs a communication gap and misunderstandings occur. The relationships get affected. Siblings’ relationship gets disturbed when one of the siblings has ego and is not ready to accept the points the other is stating. For example, the elder one in the two wants and seeks some respect and if he/she is not given the respect then he/she gets offended. There will be disturbance in wife and husband relationship where fight starts because of ego. Friends have fights because of ego because each other will be waiting for the other to apologize. There will be disturbances in the relationship with parents also. If there is ego, Inferiority and superiority complexity comes in between professionals. One person thinks why he/she is not given the importance that other person is getting even if he/she is more efficient. There are cases where the low level officer knows more than the senior officer and because of that he/she doesn’t accept the ideas given by the low level officer. Another example is when a more educated person is given less importance in a function than a less educated but powerful person. There are many examples where ego is displayed and even if ego has one or two positive effects, it has more negatives. So to have a less complex life, we should overcome ego and then proceed with any decision making.
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