Psy Egoism

Topics: Individualism, Psychological egoism, Ethical egoism Pages: 3 (1151 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Psychological Egoism insouciantly means the only outcome individuals are capable of desiring and or pursuing is ultimately in his own self-interest. Psychological Egoism can be perceived as reason to Wesley Autrey’s actions on the subway tracks, while contrastingly, the perceived notation that Autrey’s actions were altruistic could be a plausible assumption. I will provide a thorough explanation of Psychological Egoism. Further more I will provide argument to the motivation of Autrey’s actions from the views of both a Psychological Egoist and a non-psychological-egoist. Finally I will argue my point of view that Aultrey’s actions are altruistic.

Previously, I briefly gave a crude definition of Psychological Egoism, which I will now provide a more exhaustive explanation. Psychological Egoism is the assumed fact that the only actions people are capable of desiring and or pursuing are committed in their own self interest. Frequently, individuals appear to be acting unselfishly but in reality they are just taking these interest of others as means to promoting their own self-interest. This Alludes to the fact that an egoist believes that purely altruistic and benevolent actions do not exist. Psychological Egoism is often confused with Ethical Egoism. At first glance these two theories look very similar yet there is a major difference. Ethical egoism is the belief that all men ought to pursue their own desires and self-interest. The word “ought” in the previous sentence clearly portrays the difference of the two egoisms. A more precise sector of Psychological Egoism is hedonism. Hedonism is the belief that all individuals have one definitive motive in their own voluntary behavior, which is the desire for ones own pleasure and simultaneously avoiding unpleasant experiences. A Hedonist goal is to have the net gain of pleasure minus unpleasant experiences to be as high as possible. Another factor of Psychological Egoism is self-deception. This is the thought process...
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