Free Public Transport for Everybody. You Are for or Against This Matter, and Why?

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  • Published : March 23, 2011
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Our country,Malaysia is a well develop country. That goes for public transport too. It also well develop. There always have some issue that should we having a free public transport.This issue already exist for some time.Resident of Malaysia always question about this issue.Some of them hoping that can get a free public transport but some reject this idea.As for me,I totally agree about the free public transport.There are some benefits that we can get.

First of all,the benefits is save money.For some freshman in working area,they don’t have the money to buy any transport.They only depend on the public transport and their wages only merely can sustain their life.If using public transport need to be charge,this action will create more burden for them.Their life will be very hard.By providing free public transport,they can save up the money and use in other place or buy their own transport.Beside this they will save up the car repair’s fee, insurances and pump of gasoline to the car.By doing so,their living standard can be increase and it’s like killing two bird with one stone.They will appreciate the free public transport.

Beside saving up money,the other benefits is less pollution.As we all know,pollution has become more serious than past few years.All of this is cause by the increasing in private transport.For example:each family having two or three car.When going out, all the car is fully use.There is no car poling among them.And the waste from the car will increase and finally will result in the chances of acid rain, global warming, and the creation of smog.If there is a free public transport,they may consider to use the public transport.It because everyone want to decrease their expanses.By doing so,air pollution can be decrease and they can save up some money.

Next,by offering free public transport,there will be less traffic jam on the road.Most of people will try to save as much money as they can.So they will using this free public...
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