Franchise: New Trend of Running Business

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  • Published : August 22, 2012
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Nowadays, running business is being more popular as people think that running business could earn more than worker. However, in this competitive society, set up a totally new business is not easy. Also, expanding an existing business is not easy too. Therefore, franchise is a new trend of running business. Background

Sunshine laundry was a private company, set up business and branches by the owner since 1993. And launch franchise to let people get in to this industry by 2002. Sunshine laundry joined many international institutes to show that they are high quality. Up to now, it has over 50 branches in Hong Kong. Also, it was sponsor of 08 Olympic and Ocean Park Halloween event laundry. For your information, Sunshine laundry is not offer the franchise by their own directly, they have a middleman, Bossible act as agent. Details about franchise

What are the required franchise fee: initial fee, advertising appropriations and royalties? -Would be about $500,000 for the total investment, to pay at once. -All are approximate amount: rental $25,000 a month (need to prepaid 3 months), laundry equipments $180,000, decoration and licensing $190,000, initial fee for 3 years $80,000, grand open promotion $ 6,000, and some miscellanies fee $ 10,000. What degree of technical knowledge is required of the franchisee? -Franchisor will provide store manager training for about a month, and require all franchisees have to go for a leadership training course 5 days. What is the required investment of time by the franchise?

-Usually, at least half year is needed, for those operation trainings, and finds an appropriate venue for the new store. As the new store venue have to agree by both side, in some case, was took a year for it. How much control does the franchisor exert in terms of materials purchased, sales quotas, space requirements, pricing, the range of goods sold, required inventory levels, and so on? -All materials and equipment purchase, franchisee need...
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