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Topics: Computer security, Security, Information security Pages: 2 (612 words) Published: December 6, 2012
| General Dynamics’s|
To:| General Dynamics’s Defense Information Security Specialist| From:| Jay L. Johnson, General Dynamics’s chairman and chief executive| CC:| GeneralDynamics/MichaelGarrity/vp/administration@gov.com| Date:| November 5, 2012|

Re:| Information Technology financial implications|
| |
Financial Implications
General Dynamics is moving forward with offsite 2-day training session if the cost and resources are evaluated to see what our financial projection scope to ensure our budget limitations are feasible, and approval. General Dynamics will be consulting with the including the number or type of resources, critical task sequencing, and how duration estimates. For our 2-day training session we will need to acquire finances for labor, material, periderm. The task duration and critical task sequencing will be added to the process of this implementation. Labor

Cost estimates will be separated into two categories, labor and materials. We have reached consciences with United States Department of Labor for costs estimates regarding the time of labor from start to finish. This will include all IT members from all 26 locations within the U.S. and 30 laborers to set up and break down the conference with all acquired necessities. The labors and employees will need travel pay from their point of entry locations and periderm for 2 days. The labor that we need will consist of 26 IT specialist employees, 30 laborers, two expert analysts with quality assurance, and one cyber security specialist. Mr. Collier the Division Senior Vice President and Thomas Kirchmaier, Division Senior Vice President. Intelligence Solutions would be highly recommended to attend this meeting. Materials

We will be using our main conference center auditorium. So we will basic necessities such as tables, chairs, projectors, computers and audio completely covered. Our company will be safeguarding our employees, contractors, visitors, facilities, and the...
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