Framework for Human Resource Development

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HRD summary for Final Exam
HRD Definitions: 1. It is a process for developing and unleashing human expertise through organization development and personnel training and development for the purpose of improving performance. (Foundations of Human Resource Development- 2001, by Richard A. Swanson) 2. A set of systematic and planned activities designed by an organization to provide its members with the opportunities to learn necessary skills to meet current and future job demand. (Human Resource Development 2003, Randy L. Desimone) 3. It is a set of programs which must respond to job changes and integrate the long-term plans and strategies of the organization to ensure the efficient and effective use resources. (Human Resource Development 2003, Randy L. Desimone 4. 2005 definition for HRD (Looking at international development and not just focused on organization)“ Human Resource Development is any process over activity that, either initially or over the long term, has the potential to develop adults’ work-knowledge, expertise, productivity, and satisfaction, whether for personal or group/team gain, or for the benefit of an organization, community, nation, or ultimately the whole of humanity. ” There many definition for HRD. This is due to two factors: 1. the understanding of and the discovery of new concepts and belief have evolved throughout the years. 2. Needs for HRD has also changed throughout the years based on assessments of previous methodologies. HRD on Context of the Organization and Environment Environmen t Economical Forces . Political Forces . Cultural Forces Organization Mission and Strategy . Organization Structure . Technology . HR Inpu Outpu Processe t t s 2 3 4 1 5 Analyz Propos Creat Implemen HUMAN RESOURCE t e e e DEVELOPMENT

Asse s

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Model of Employee Behavior

Factors in the External Environment
Economical Conditions Supervision Leadership• Performance• Expectations• Organization Reword Structure• Culture • Job design• Coworkers Norms• Group Dynamics• Teamwork• Control Over Outcome•

Technological Labor Market changes Conditions

Lows and Regulations

Labor Union

Employee Motivation• Attitudes• Knowledge,• Skill, • Ability

Behavior Task • Performance Organizationa• l Citizenship Behaviors

Outcome Personal (such as)•
Pay• Recognitio• n emotions•

Organizational• Teamwo• rk Productivi• ty Product • quality

Training and HRD Processing Model

Assess needs

Desig n
Define Objective

Implementatio n

Evaluatio n
Select evaluation criteria

Prioritize Needs

Develop Lesson Plan


Select Trainer/leader Select methods & techniques Prepare materials hniques Schedule the program/ intervention

Deliver the HRD program or interventi on

Determine Evaluation Design Conduct Evolution of Program or intervention Interpret results

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All Rights for Abdulmohsen

WwW. DiorBoy.CoM

Learning & HRD (Chapter 3):
 Focus is upon change  Something new (like skill in conduction meeting)  Modifying something new( like accuracy in shooting)  Change must be long-lasting  Recalling training course.  The focus of learning can be cognitive, behavioral, or affective  Results from the individual’s interaction with the learning environment Improved Training Design  Task Analysis:  Break each task down into a series of distinct component tasks  Keep breaking tasks down to the simplest level possible  Component Task Achievement:  Each task must be completed fully before the entire task may be performed correctly  You have to specify what is to be done, under what conditions, and how it is to be evaluated  Task Sequencing:  Each component task should be arranged in the proper sequence  Some are serial tasks & some can be done in parallel Maximizing Learning (Training)...
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