Human Resource Development

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  • Published : April 9, 2013
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Youth Leadership

Youth leadership is the practice of teens exercising authority over themselves or others. A youth leader is someone who leads youth. That is what they do. Youth leadership is important in today's society because we youth have a wild imagination. And that imagination can help the world in very good ways. Also, we young people can start programs that benefit other people , like the hungry children overseas. Or, the kids with illnesses in the hospital. I think youth leadership development is important in today's society because when the future comes, we need to do all we can now to stop the world from rotting away. "Leadership means to be dependable. To be asked to lead others is a very big responsibility and is an honor to someone who accepts the job. youth leadership development is important because the youth of today are the future of our nation. Without youth being leaders today our country will fall apart later on. It is also important for youth to take part in what our communities are doing day by day so they can use those life experiences later on for something they might like to do. We need older people to lead us as well and to help us to become successful as we become older. Leadership helps you learn to get along with different kinds of people. In order to become a leader you can't be mean and disrespectful to others. Leadership gives a person a good reputation to live by through out their life.

Role Of Youth Leadership In Community Development
Leaders have many roles and responsibilities. They must be visionaries, managers and problem solvers. Whether they are leading a company or leading a school, effective leaders possess similar skills. Some of these skills come naturally, whereas others are developed over time. As these skills are developed, leaders become more effective in serving and guiding others.Role of youth leadership is making disciples who will...
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