Four Research Methodologies

Topics: Scientific method, Research, Qualitative research Pages: 3 (1064 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Professor: Robert Smith
Graduate Research Methods
Phase 3 Discussion Board
Research Methodologies

Being in this business as a researcher, you must stay focus at all times, and at this time we must concentrate on the design strategies for each of the research methodologies. It must include everything that can help to produce a positive research, elements of inquiry, research approaches, and overall design of the research being conducted. We have to determine all the different types of research methodologies that are used in doing research. We must realize the importance of integrating the different method types so that we can continue to construct precise, decisive, and fitting data. As we get into the various projects that expect many methodologies, they all differ for each research assignment depending on what type data is in need of being analyzed. Whatever the organization have demands for, say for a client, and the expectations of good results is desired for success, it is imperative that the research team come to know that for conducting a research design there are six major components to be reckoned with and they include the meaning “of necessary information; description of methodology; specification of measurement technique; description of data collection techniques; specification of sampling; and a described plan for data analyses” (CTUONLINE, 2013). As the research team proceeds, they learn that research methodologies extend with measurement techniques that are one, with primary methodologies with objectives of exploratory research focusing on descriptive, and causal, and it is primarily a methodology objective of exploratory research. Exploratory research is defined as an investigation into a difficulty or condition which offers insight to the researcher. The research is supposed to stipulate facts where a minor quantity of knowledge exists. It may use a mixture of methods such as trial studies, questions,...
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