Four Paragraphs a Story

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Four paragraphs short story

It was about ten years ago, I was nine at that time. During the summer vacation, our family visited an uncle who lived in a village in Sichuan. We stayed there for a week, which I thought it seemed three months. That place made me feel uncomfortable. One early morning, I was awakened by father and requested to work in farm for a day as uncle was sick suddenly. My work that morning was to feed the chickens. The living environment was simple and crude as only straw and wood there. It was noisy, chickens were all roaring cock-a-doodle-doo whole day and annoyed me. Chickens eat there and excrete there, they seldom have a bath. The smell there was much smellier than in public toilet in China and nearly made me vomit. I picked up the feeds and put it into the trough. I saw they ate happily and nonstop. I tried a few feeds; they were tasteless and dry which like some overdue stuttered white bread. Suddenly, a chicken pecked my hand with its sharp mouth and started chasing me. It was painful and a little blood grasped out. I was scared and ran to wash my hand immediately. What a terrible experience! I cried in there for a whole night and begged my parents to bring me home as soon as possible.

As time passed by, it was already ten years. I was nineteen now. I have done lots of works to raise my experience. I want to challenge myself, thus, I have worked in different jobs like waitress and salesperson. In these jobs, I found myself was too weak. When there were problems or difficulties, I just want to escape from them. Becoming more mature is one of my long-term goals but I have no means to do so.

‘Why you choose to go the study tour to England but not volunteering in Sichuan?’ my friend asked me when she saw my application form. ‘Because I hate Sichuan, that terrible place.’ I replied without hesitation. The moment was still fresh in my memory, that fearful moment. I remembered that nauseating and disgusting smell. I remembered that...
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