Four Frames of Organization

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Four Frames of Organization

By | Feb. 2009
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Four frames of organization

Structural Frame:
Focuses on roles and responsibilities, coordination, and control. Organization charts help define this frame.

Exist to achieve goals and objectives
Increase efficiency through specialization and division of labor •Have coordination and controls to align work to goals and objectives

Human Resources Frame:
Focuses on providing harmony between needs of the organization and needs of people. •People and organizations need each other; people need careers; organizations need the energy of people. •it undermines the relationships

Political Frame
Assumes organizations are coalitions composed of varied individuals and interest groups. Conflict and power are key issues. •emphasis is on tactics and strategies—not conflict resolution

Symbolic frame
Focuses on symbols and meanings related to events. Culture is important. •seeps into the culture
maintain image of accountability and responsiveness; negotiate a new social order

PMt Tools and Techniques
Project management tools and techniques assist project managers and their teams in various aspects of project management. Specific tools and techniques include:
Project charters, scope statements, and WBS (scope).
Gantt charts, network diagrams, critical path analyses, critical chain scheduling (time). Cost estimates and earned value management (cost).

Project Manager Roles
Leadership and Guidance
Customer Relations
Technical Leadership
Senior Management Liaison

Project Manager (PM) Tasks
Set them
Monitor them
Emphasize them
Reset them
Determine them
Get them
Evaluate them
Facilitate communication
Facilitate coordination

A Systems View of Project Management

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