Lesson 9-Project Management Principles

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Project Management Principals

Chapter 6: Executing Projects
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An Introduction to Project Management, Third Edition Copyright 2010


Learning Objectives
▸ ▸ List several tasks and outputs of project execution Discuss what is involved in directing and managing project execution as part of project integration management, including the importance of producing promised deliverables, implementing solutions to problems, evaluating work performance information, and requesting changes to a project Explain the importance of recommending corrective actions and updating project-related information as part of quality assurance

An Introduction to Project Management, Third Edition Copyright 2010


Learning Objectives (continued)
▸ Describe the executing tasks performed as part of human resource management, summarize important concepts related to managing people, and explain what is involved in leveling resources, assigning staff, reviewing resource calendars, and assessing team performance ▸ Discuss important communications concepts, and describe the executing tasks performed as part of communications management ▸ Explain the executing tasks performed as part of procurement management, and describe what is involved in selecting sellers and preparing contract awards

An Introduction to Project Management, Third Edition Copyright 2010


▸ Project execution is the most noticed process group ▸ Research shows that without a doubt, the main reason CEOs failed was poor execution; the same is true for project managers ▸ Recall that, in general, the majority of a project’s time and budget is spent on project execution ▸ Many of the tasks and outputs created in the other process groups are fairly similar from project to project, but no two projects are ever executed in the exact same way due to uncertainties and unique challenges

An Introduction to Project Management, Third Edition Copyright 2010


What Went Wrong?
“The results are not acceptable,” stated President Bush four days after Hurricane Katrina caused major damage to New Orleans and surrounding areas. After Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) officials returned in January 2005 from a tour of the tsunami devastation in Asia, New Orleans was the number one disaster they discussed. Officials had drawn up dozens of plans and conducted preparedness drills for years, but despite all the warnings, Hurricane Katrina overwhelmed government agencies, and many people suffered from slow response to their needs for emergency aid. The mayor of New Orleans, C. Ray Nagin, blasted the government for its lack of an immediate response. “I’ve talked directly with the President, I’ve talked to the head of the Homeland Security, I’ve talked to everybody under the sun, I’ve been out there.”* People were disappointed with the poor execution of disaster relief efforts during the first few days, and officials took corrective actions to address the challenges caused by the hurricane. *Shadi Rahimi, “Bush Embarks on Tour to Survey Damage,” The New York Times (September 2, 2005).

An Introduction to Project Management, Third Edition Copyright 2010


Figure 6-1. Executing Processes and Outputs
Knowledge area Project integration


Executing process Direct and manage project

Deliverables Work Change


quality management

Perform quality assurance


human resource management

Acquire project team Develop project team Manage project team

performance data requests Project management plan updates Project document updates Organizational process asset updates Change requests Project management plan updates Project document updates Project staff assignments Resource calendars Project management plan updates Team performance assessment Enterprise environmental factors updates Change request Project management...
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