Project Management Approach

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Project Proposal and Plan


Widget Company is the family owned and headquartered in St.Louis, Missouri and has a loyal customer base. It attributes its marketplace success to innovative procedures and customer responsiveness. Widget is an early adopter of technology innovations that have been thoroughly proven in the industry. In the past two years, the CEO and VP of marketing have been increasingly enthusiastic about the use of the online website to expand their customer base and reduce the cost of doing business. They’ve eagerly watched the trends of online ordering and changes from traditional EDI. During the last executive meeting, customer requests for additional services were discussed including: on-line ordering, wireless devices for inventory management, use of industry business to business exchanges and portal technology applications. The CEO has requested that the IS department develop proposals for several technology projects.

Two projects h to provide the online services to customers are: * Development of online ordering portal- This is an interface where customers browse, check and order our products online which will be delivered at their doorsteps * Wireless inventory management- It is required for a real time tracking of inventory to reduce human effort and better the system

1. Development of Online Ordering Portal:
The online portal requires a Web framework for user interaction having modules for user registration, Product management, Product search and display, Customer management system like customer support through chat, Selling activities, payment gateways to make online payment. Also it will have the admin and a feedback system.

Technical Documentation:

Document| Summary|
CRM User Guide| This document is created to help technical peoples who are using CRM module| Product Management user Guide| This document is created to help technical peoples who are using product management module| Installation user guide| Guide to help in installation of software packages| Shopping Cart user Guide| Document is created to help technical persons on shopping cart module| Refund /cancellation policy| Helps customer service executives to understand the policies so that they can serve customers better|

Hardware Required:
CPU (tower)
Internet Enabled Sytem

Software Required:
Type| Multi Tier, Client – Server Web Application.|
Middle Tier Technology| PHP Technology / ASP.Net & Other .Net Technologies| Database Management System (DBMS)| My Sql Server, Oracle| Front End Technology| HTML,DHTML, Style Sheets, Ajax, Client Scripting, Images & Graphics| Hosting| Apache, Windows server / Apache, Linux, MySql, PHP combination.|

Training Materials:
* Online guide page for customer will be required who are first time users. * User manuals required to train operation team how to manage day to day operations

Estimated Duration:
Life Cycle Stages| Time Required| Major Activities|
Requirement Gathering| 4 weeks| Requirement analysis, architect & documentation| Development| 5 weeks| Design & Coding to implement the requirements.| UAT Demo| 1 week| Unit Testing and Reviews|

Production & Support| 2 week| Plan Hosting, Integration Testing.| Total Time required| 12 weeks| |

Resources Required:
Skill| Experience| No of Resources|
Technology Developer PHP/ASP| 3+ Years of Experience.| (2+2) people| HTML Developer| 3+ Years of Experience.| (1+2) people|
SQL / PLSQL Developer| 5+ Years of Experience.| 2 people| Testing Engineer| 3+ Years of Experience| 2 people|
Design Architect| 7+ Years of Experience| 1 person|
Project Manager| 7 + Years of Experience| 1 person|

Financials Required:
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