Case Study 1: the Glasgow Science Center Tower Project

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  • Published: February 14, 2013
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Running head: Case Study 1: Glasgow Science Center Tower Project

Case Study 1: The Glasgow Science Center Tower Project
Group 1
Lucy Adjei
Wesley Baucum
Judson Bennett
Jason Conde
Clarence Hatcher

University of Maryland University College
Project Procurement Management, Semester 1102, Section 9043
Professor William C. Anderson

March 19, 2011
The Inception Phase

Rating Scale: 5—Excellent, 4—Very Good, 3—Good, 2—Poor, 1—Very Poor |Project Management Area |Inception Phase | |Scope Management |2 | |Time Management |1 | |Cost Management |1 | |Quality Management |2 | |Human Resource Management |3 | |Communication Management |2 | |Risk Management |2 | |Procurement Management |2 | |Integration Management |2 |

Procurement Management Rating Rationale

The inception phase of the project is critical to any project’s procurement management. Besides the cost savings, procurement management also save valuable time and can make the most effective use of the resource task assignment. A good procurement management plan eliminates many repetitive steps involved in...
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