Forms of Automation

Topics: Global Positioning System, Transport, Barcode Pages: 3 (830 words) Published: December 4, 2012
MKT 4600: H.W. Assignment: 11-14-2011

Certainly, automation and/or computerization has been and is being currently utilized in everything from transportation to logistics alike. Most freight forwarders among others utilize at least one form of automation or computer software; some utilize much more than that. Four particular ways that automation is utilized in the transportation/logistics industry are: GPS software, Bar Coding in products, Tracking Numbers, and finally Electronic Data Interface (EDI) among others.

Logically speaking, logistics would not work efficiently if not with the assistance of up to date technology known as GPS, which of course is an abbreviation for the “Global Positioning System.” What this system has given to logistics is essential for logistics to work properly, and that is providing accurate and detailed directions for the various forms of transportation to utilize. In other words; if a shipment is traveling by car, a GPS can be utilized to access the best possible routes, so as to minimize interfering with traffic and reaching the desired destination in a much quicker time. Furthermore, the GPS system has provided ocean freight forwarders the convenience of being better able to navigate on the water, by storing various access points and saving the best routes to take. This is obviously a very important element on the water, as sometimes this system can prevent disasters from occurring. Also, the GPS system has given transportation and logistics companies the ability to calculate the best possible routes, while utilizing other computer software, like Google maps, which of course utilized the GPS system. Clearly, the benefits of this system to transportation/logistics companies are endless and have made these jobs much easier.

Another important computerized mechanism that has proven to be very important these days for transportation/logistics companies is Bar Codes. What that enables a company to do is label every product that...
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