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Centralised database to hold customer information The current system holds customer’s name, address and account information and finance director has suggested that a database with additional customer information will help the company to conduct market research and send special offers to customers.

Sophisticated system based on a relational database The accounts manager has showed a need for a database that captures information about the customer and contracts and automatically alerts when certain level of stock is a needed to reorder.

Computer based price list and stock details This is helpful to have information available to both the store and the office staff so that the access to price list and stock details is all automatic and the need for store man to go in the warehouse and check the stock will not be required which will save time and increase efficiency.


The picture itself: Rich Picture
To summarise the above problem a Rich Picture is illustrated below that will look into the problem areas and assist JTS to confirm the consultant’s understanding of the problem and illustrate

fundamentals of the situation and clarify their thinking and decision making. An analysis of the rich picture will help the process of from “thinking about the problem situation” to “thinking about what can be done about” the problem situation. Figure below represents a rich picture for Jackson’s Timber Suppliers highlighting the existing systems and how it works illustrating the problem areas. The Analysis of the existing system was requested by the Managing Director of the company. This is the top post of the organisation. He felt that perhaps it is the time the organisation should move with the times and automate the parts of their business and want to make best use of available technology. However, he doesn’t want to spend too much in the system therefore looking for the solution that is compatible with the existing automated account system at no extra expense. The current system involved activities that captured customer details, order details, stock control and deliveries part of the organisation. It was established that most of these activities were actually captured manually and the information each department held was inconsistent and was dependent on manual update of the data for example stock information.


Money Transfer Bank

I don’t want to lose human touch I don’t want to spend extra money Managing Director

Key – in this picture

Our Accounts System works well

Need centralised database for customer information

Ask for detail order

Thoughts / concern

Accounts Clerk I don’t know when to order stock Data flow / Relationship

Customer database Customer Account Information

Finance Director

Delivery note / invoice

Need system to store customer details

Accounts Manager

Wait for stock list

Updating stock list is time consuming
Price and stock list update / sales docket Sales Docket Customer Invoice

Stock order?

We need Computer to check stock Store Man

Cashier Controlling body / person

I don’t want to lose human touch

Yard Manager

Sales Clerk
Make the bill

Order Docket Out of stock Sales Docket

Stock Order

I don’t know if product is available in store
Walk in

Telephone order

I don’t have accurate price list and stock info



How can I get better service?

Pay and take away

Collection point


In the picture above, the problem-owner is the Managing Director of Jackson’s Timber Supplies Ltd. It is known that with the existing competition in the market it is important for JTS to survive and therefore the main aim of the company is to provide efficient service to the customer and continue to maintain their reputation in the market and among their customers. It is consequently interpreted that concern for the JTS customer’s is to get better and efficient service as shown in...
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