Formal Characteristics

Topics: Management, Organization, Formal organization Pages: 4 (1179 words) Published: January 8, 2012
SOC/120: Evolution of Formal Organizations
Due: 12/11/2011
Nancy Keta

The way that I will conduct my research is to first explain how formal organizations have evolved over the past century. Second, what differences were there in organizations a century ago, and compare to today’s organizations. And lastly I will also tell of the trends in today’s formal organizations in modern society. I will describe how each of the characteristics for formal organizations will need to evolve or change in Micah’s organization to be more open and flexible. And I will give an overall prediction based on my research on how organizations like Micah’s may evolve in the future. The evolution of formal organizations over the past century has changed due to the advances in technology and politics. There will always be changes in organizations as time passes and goes on; it can be influences from the outside world like consumers, or inside forces such as productivity. The outside influences are always changing due to the consumer and ever changing market is demanding a service or product every time they feel there is a need for something new, or something that they may desire. Making the companies aware of these desires and demands is a key factor in determining what needs to take place within the organization and turn them into being productive. Organizations that were here years ago did have all the advancements and technology as they do now. If you think about it most upper management handled just about everything in writing and managed tasks according to manual and procedures. Technology today has increased the speed of processing information and completed various other tasks that management had to do manually or by hand. Computers and the internet were here about 10 years ago, but not 100 years ago, but even 10 years ago many things had to be done by hand. The speed of technology has increased quickly and we are no longer waiting for the internet to connect thru dial up...
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