"For the Sake of Our Planet, Tourism Should Be Discouraged." How Far Do You Agree or Disagree?

Topics: Tourism, Global warming, Transport Pages: 3 (796 words) Published: October 27, 2008
The world is huge and mysterious, full of wonders and surprises, and humans are ever inquisitive by nature. The need for human to consistently travel and quench their curiousity through new discoveries had been evident since early civilization. Like those myths and legends of Gulliver's Travels to appease the curiousity of people in the pastof the vast , unknwon Eart, to the real history and conquers of Marco Popl, humans have never find it enough to stop unreveling the wonders of nature and Earth to cease travelling. Especially with the advancement of and improvement of transport technologies. When we needed months, even years, of perilous travels across oceans, now we just need a few luxurious hours on planes to reach our destinations.

But here lies the implications. With transportation made easier and more accessible, much more people are able to travel to different parts of the world than before. However, the process, and the sheer number of tourists may unknowing destroys the very nature they are there to appreciate as these sites are vulnerable to human influences. Not only does this apply to internal tourism, but also globally as the world becomes more inter-connected and telecommunication becomes so advanced, information can reach even the furthest corner of the world speedily. It in turn, sparks more curiousity within more people and the desire to travel increases. Leading to more natural environment in peril.

Therefore I agree to a large extent that for the sake of our planet and to protect more natural environment, tourism should be discouraged but not totally as there are still advantages to tourism which would be discussed.

Tourism directly and indirectly causes great harm to the natural ecosytem and environment. Not only are many tourists being inconsiderate and irresponsible towards the nature site they visit, there are also other indirect human actions that can lead to the destruction of natural environment. As tourists flocks to visit...
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