Project Feasibility Report

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“Think travel… Think Al Aziziya Travel”


1. Logo 1 2. Executive Summary 3 3. Introduction 8 4. Company Profile 10 5. Economic Analysis 18 6. Market Analysis 27 7. Technical Analysis 34 8. Financial Analysis 37 9. Conclusion 42 10. References 44

Executive Summary

Ever since the discovery of the spherical nature of the earth, began a revolution in the way human kind travelled. Over the years the striking evolution of the means of transport meant that even the vastest distances could be travelled in a matter of hours. Today travelling isn’t about undergoing a tedious journey but about experiencing the change as one traverses through the distance seeking to reach his or her destination.
Al Aziziya Travels Ltd. Not just another travel agency. An experience generator in itself “we don’t sell tickets....we sell experiences...we sell pathways to your destination...” At Aziziya Travels we don’t just do the normal things you would expect from a travel agency, we go beyond the selling process. Right from planning your trip to furnishing you with destination details to providing tickets at optimal prices and further to providing complimentary travel itineraries for leisure trips. Al Aziziya Travels ltd. redefines your travel related tasks not just the way they are done but we make them fun… .
With support from our internationally renowned partners and the wide plethora of airline and other transport agency link ups we offer you a wide range of options to choose from.
Al Aziziya Travels unlike any other travel agency is upfront and unique. Commitment to client needs is our priority and a content client means a loyal client.
Al Aziziya travels is a full services agency that provides all travel and trip facilitative services for the clients as mentioned before. Our employees and agents are enthusiastic and dedicated professionals working together to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.
We struggle to ensure your comfort because a troubled customer or client usually converts into a cancelled trip and a cancelled trip means dissatisfaction and loss of business. With our advanced...
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