Food Waste

Topics: Landfill, Methane, Greenhouse gas Pages: 4 (877 words) Published: March 15, 2013
Self Evaluation: Persuasive Speech
Haji Abu

General Purpose:| To Get a better understanding of the importance of composting To consider Putting Food scraps into good useTo gain knowledge on how composting eliminates organic wasteTo consider how composting can generate income through p-patch projects, since organically grown food is in high demandTo encourage Donations of edible food, as this can reduce waste, mitigate climate impacts and provide cost savings for individuals and businesses alike| Specific Purpose:| Sending edible food or food scrap to landfills is not healthy or economical. | Central Idea:| Edible food scrap is useful and should not be wasted. The consequences of throwing away edible, and non-edible food scrap pollutes the environment, is too costly, and could be put into good use, if human involvement in saving our ecosystem is enacted.|

I. Attention Material

A. The main reason why I chose this topic is my interest in our ecosystem, and my course of study, which is environmental science. Food is the one thing that unifies us. We love it. We eat it. It brings us together and it sustains us. The sights and smells of food encourage us to eat more, but as we do, we also throw more of it away. Why? B. Show slides to students

C. 1. The use of visual slides reinforces the theme of my topic, and my central idea D. 2. Pose a question: Why do we waste so much food?
B. Have students input in soliciting an answer. If everyone is clueless, offer the reasons 1. Many people are not aware of the fact that we are throwing away valuable food scrap while this could be put into good use through composting, or donating to farmers. 2. Offer statistics as to how much food we throw away each year.

II. Orienting Material: Statistics don’t lie

We all love eating out. My favorite food is Thai, Vietnamese soups of any kind, and Indian Cuisine, especially curries” But how much are we throwing out?...
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