Type of Soil That Produces the Fastest Rate of Degradation on Food Scraps

Topics: Composting, Waste, Biodegradable waste Pages: 5 (1337 words) Published: February 19, 2013

Group 1 I-(1) Sr. Digna Schacht

#1 Arianne Agojo
2 Patrizia Anog
3 Reaya Aquino
4 Mikaella Asoy
5 Joselle Asuelo

St. Theresa’s College of Quezon City
High School Department
First Year
School Year 2011-2012

Chapter I: Introduction

Our group wants to know the type of soil that would produce the fastest rate of degradation of food scraps. The result of turning food scraps and organic garden waste into compost can help improve soil quality and garden vitality by releasing the rich nutrients and recycle valuable nutrients and therefore reduce the use of artificial fertilizers. Composting converts kitchen and garden waste or the food scraps into dark colored soil that is high in nutrients. Composting is the controlled decomposition of organic materials. Home composting is the natural degradation of yard trimmings, food scraps, wood ashes, shredded paper, coffee grounds, and other household organic waste by naturally occurring microscopic organisms. Composting can reduce a community’s solid waste transportation, disposal, and processing costs. In many communities, residents pay for each bag or can of trash they put out for pickup. If a household is composting, it will most likely put less in trash cans and will pay a smaller trash bill. Compost is also being used as an innovative technology to clean up land contaminated by hazardous wastes, remove contaminants from storm water, facilitate reforestation, and restore wetlands and other natural habitats. Composting has been used to restore soil that is contaminated with explosives, munitions wastes, petroleum, fuel wastes, and lead and other metals. Sand is a naturally occurring granular material composed of finely divided rock and mineral particles. Clay is a general term including many combinations of one or more clay minerals with traces of metal oxides and organic matter. Loam Soil composed of sand, silt, and clay in relatively even concentration Which type of soil will have the fastest rate of degradation the sand, clay or loam? What is the effect if there is no soil at all? We hypothesize that if the type of soil that has less degradation days on the effect of food scraps then it has the fastest rate to degrade. We should include all materials to be used, including quantity of each material and procedures to be undertaken should be mentioned. We should also include the collecting of materials in starting the project and testing the model made. A Table chart can be made to show the records or findings that resulted in the project and each student should record her observations. Students select the type of soil with the fastest rate of degradation and two weeks will be the observation period.

Chapter II: Review of Related Literature

Build a container large enough to hold the organic wastes of your garden and kitchen. Some old lumber will do. Leave a space of about a centimetre (half an inch) between the boards for air circulation. Throw your organic waste in the box, e.g.: grass cuttings, fallen leaves, and the remainders of the kitchen. Avoid meat. Cover all with a shovel full of soil, and water them. Many organisms will rally to feast and decompose these substances. Among them there will be earthworms and mostly bacteria. Their work is such that some heat will be generated. At the subsequent spring, empty the container. You can use the compost you have obtained by spreading it on the kitchen garden and in the garden. You can also use in flowerpots, just sift out the large parts first. Examine which organisms, besides the bacteria, live in the composter. You will find earthworms, terrestrial isopods, millipedes, etc. Describe the ecosystem of the composter.

Source: http://www.vegweb.com/composting/

Chapter III: Methodology

We are experimenting on the Effect of the type of soil that produces the fastest rate of the...
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