Food Service Business Plan

Topics: Management, Strategic management, Quality control Pages: 13 (3942 words) Published: September 12, 2010
“[Our name]’s priority is to provide & maintain a strong commitment to healthy quality food, excellent customer service, and a relaxing ambiance. At [our name], we strive to provide Canada with a first-rate dining experience. We believe guests who dine at [our name] should leave enthused and sated, while making immediate plans to return.” “We are passionate about food! We prepare the finest cuts of meats, obtain the freshest local produce, and we have impeccable service with a cheerful environment. With award winning culinary artists, there is nowhere else you would rather be.” [Our name] has the ambition to become the fastest growing restaurant chain in Canada. We encourage strong work ethics, innovation and reward staff for goals accomplished. With continued support and development for our employees, we mold [our name] as an attractive atmosphere for talented and unique individuals. “Whether you are looking for a career or a part time job, [our name] is the place for you. We recognize hard work through benefits and incentives for staff. We are also a strong supporter for the local culinary college; we offer internships and scholarships with a long-term -commitment of support for our current and future generations as they make their way into the culinary world.”

* Our goal is to expand from our current locations in Calgary and Edmonton Alberta, and open three new restaurants in British Columbia. The new restaurants will be located in Vancouver, Whistler and Victoria. Our aim is to have the three new establishments operating in two years, in time to benefit from the 2010 Winter Olympics. [Our name] goal is to have one restaurant fully functional after 8 months of construction and training. Each new establishment will follow consecutively to maintain the firm timeline set forth by our organization. Quality products & fair pricing

* [our name] will ensure that the three new locations provide quality products at fair pricing. To achieve this, we will purchase local organic meat products and seasonal fruits and vegetables from the local community. Maintaining this level of food quality will ensure our commitment to healthy food choices and above standard fare. Using local produce for our supplies will cut down on transportation costs. This initiative will be reflected in our prices and at the same support local business and increase our visibility in the communities. Quality Service

* As with [our name]’s current locations, quality service will be achieved and maintained. To attain this goal, we will invest in employee development through internal as well as external trainings. This will enhance employee knowledge and expertise which will be reflected in how they perform their duties. A good benefit package and incentive plan will be given and is intended to keep employee satisfaction high, and translate into superior quality service. Another important aspect of providing quality service is to perform regular internal audits and employee evaluations. The evaluations will help employees grow and audits will ensure that the restaurant operates above industry and business standards.

Our overall strategy will be based on a Customer Service Strategy and providing customers with a unique product and unique experience. “It takes giving customers what they want, communicating effectively with them, and providing employees with customer service training.” (Robbins, Coulter, & Langton, 2009). While developing and implementing these strategies from all levels, managers will base all strategies and decisions made on this concept. Corporate Strategy – Growth & Concentration – Top Level Management At [our name], our corporate strategy for expansion will be growth through concentration. We would like to increase our market share by increasing the number of markets served from Alberta to British Columbia. From our two successful restaurants located in...
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