Tim Hortons

Topics: Tim Hortons, Food, Fast food restaurant Pages: 2 (510 words) Published: March 27, 2008
What once started of as a small coffee shop in the heart of Hamilton is now one of Canada’s fastest growing fast food restaurants. Tim Horton’s, home of the delightful coffee and fresh baked goods currently consists with more than twice as many locations than the total number of MacDonald’s franchises in Canada, and constantly expanding. Keys to such a triumphant success are influenced by a number of factors, from producing and marketing their long range of delicious products up to the management and selection of franchisees to operate their stores.

Since 1964, Tim Horton’s has continuously introduced new and appetizing products. The release of their trademarked “Timbits” has grown to have become a significant symbol of their success. With over 39 varieties of the bite-sized timbits, it attracts customers of all ages especially youngsters.

As variety becomes another factor towards the success of Tim Horton’s, they began to release meals and food products that were out of the range of the bakery/ coffee theme. They slowly began to serve lunch as well as breakfast meals throughout the day. Soups, sandwiches and chilies became and strong attraction in Tim Horton’s. Providing customers with a wider menu influenced them to dine at Tim Horton’s during various occasions.

Seeking out and selecting honest and hardworking people is not an easy task for the Tim Horton’s company. They need people they can trust and people who they know will keep the franchise in a well mannered state. That’s why; Ron Joyce believes “Horton’s will only sell franchises to those who would be on-site owner/operators – absentee owners merely looking for a promising investment will not be welcome” (Estok pg 81-82).

Alongside selecting honorable franchisees, there is also the great task of managing the overall business that leads to their success. Planned a year in advance, Tim Horton’s franchisees, get together for a meeting that discusses current sales/ revenues, future ideas and or...
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