Sandwich Shop Business Plan

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A & B Restaurant originally started in Louisville, KY and actually was a restaurant that only served soup. Now in its third generation of family ownership, A & B Restaurant has twenty-eight locations across the country and now serves sandwiches as well for its customers. The restaurant is geared towards families, but we would like to create a menu that is more diverse to create a broader target market. The restaurant is currently open for lunch from 10am to 8pm. The menus are set at such a price that everyone can be able to afford it. For this restaurant, customer satisfaction is everything and so the management will be ready to sacrifice anything for the sake of customer delight. At this moment, the customer’s request that breakfast is served in addition to the lunch menu. When the customer will have delight they will feel a total value for money.

Today consumers are aware of all their choices in any type of market place. Due to this we must ensure we offer the most suitable and demanded product at the right time, right place and right price. With our consumer base, this is definitely a contributing factor for A & B restaurant.

Operations Plan: Strategy
In the operations of a quick serve type of restaurant, our employees have gained valuable experience in food preparation, money handling, and customer service. The managers have become proficient at every station in the restaurant and became a magnificent leader amongst the employees. Our owners/managers oversee the training of new all new employees and the successful operation of the employees working in the restaurant. Being an owner of the restaurant, you have to learn how to motivate and lead people. This family oriented franchise will be a perfect answer to the communities need for quick-serve restaurants that includes another option for breakfast. In most of our market areas, we have at least 7,500 residents within the five mile radius of the restaurant that fit into the primary target market. I noticed that about 50% percent of the target populations are white collar professionals who currently visit our restaurants during their lunch breaks. The restaurant will just add more business to its primary target markets once breakfast is included. In order to successfully incorporate breakfast products into A&B, it will ultimately affect the following processes: Purchasing, Product Selection, Forecasting, and Facilities. The initial and long term successes of the restaurant will depend on repeat customers and word of mouth. Customers want to come to a place where they feel welcomed and are treated with the utmost respect. Many companies outperform competitors based on customer service. Even though A & B restaurant is a quick serve restaurant, it will be our priority to ensure customer satisfaction. The restaurant will be very informal and relaxed.

Processes of the Restaurant

oStrategic capacity management
A big emphasis is being placed on extensive research into the quality and integrity of our food. They will always constantly be tested for our own high standards of freshness and purity. Food costs and inventory control will be handled by our computer system and checked daily by our management team. In our restaurant, the leadership of our managers have always involved attempts on the part of a leader to affect the performance of a follower or followers in situation. Our management abilities focus on the techniques and expertise of efficient organization, planning, direction, and control of the operations of a business. In this ever changing global business environment our restaurant must be competitive and must be able to do everything it can to counter any threat from its competitors. Companies take part in strategic alliances to attain advantage over their competitors and for both companies to acquire benefits from each other. These strategic alliances won’t be successful if there is no leadership....
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