Food and Culture in Asia

Topics: Personal life, Want, Nutrition Pages: 2 (596 words) Published: February 23, 2013
Introduction of Healthy Lifestyle
Many of us have erroneous idea about healthy lifestyle. We think that it is something difficult and requiring much effort: to shy away from all favorite food, habits and activities. We think that for living healthy one should become something between an ascetic and a monk who has refused from all pleasures of this life. That is why many people do not even try to live healthy, being frightened by the prospects described above. Fortunately, healthy lifestyle is something much more easy and pleasant – you just need to adopt some healthy habits and follow simple rules. Below are some of the healthy tips which will help you to change life for better without many efforts. First of all, if you want to feel better, change your daily regimen. It is reasonable to go to bed much earlier than you usually do. Thus you will wake up easier and will be full of energy during the day. How to do it? It is really easy: think of how much time in the evening you waste while thoughtlessly browsing the Internet and social networks or playing online games. Remember that your night sleep is more important than your virtual night life and switch off the computer. Or even do not switch it on in the evening. The next thing to be changed is your eating habits. Do not be afraid that we will require fasting from you or switching to eating raw vegetables. No one needs such sacrificing, since healthy lifestyle is meant to make your life better, but not to introduce more tortures. What you need to do is only make sure that you eat enough vegetables, fruit, cereals, dairy products and fish. Besides, stop being addicted to fast foods. Of course, they save your time and often money, since the food there is not too expensive, but think about the quality of those ready-to-cook products rich in flavorants and colorants. You receive nothing useful from them, but plenty of calories, salt, fats and spices. Consequently, your waist as well as the digestive system really...
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