Flight Plan

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* Flight plan is a documents filed by pilots or a Flight Dispatcher with the local Civil Aviation Authority prior to departure. * Flight plan format is specified in the ICAO Doc 4444. They generally include basic information such as departure and arrival points, estimated time en route, alternate airports in case of bad weather, type of flight, the pilot's information, number of people on board and information about the aircraft itself. * Flight plan is required for : All IFR flights, all flights crossing international borders, all VFR flights in controled airspace unless they are in controled zone in the daytime, flights  flying in restricted area * Flight plan should be filled 60 min before EOBT (Estimated Off-block Time) or 180 min before EOBT for flights that subjects AFTM (Air Traffic Flow Menagement) * Earliest time for submissionof flight plan is 5 days in advance, so 120 hours before flight or date of flight * AFIL is a flight plan filled in the air. It should be submitted at least 10 minutes before entering the controled zone or advisory route * Types of flight plan:

* Individual – specific information givven to ATC related to flight or part of a flight * Repetitive – flight plan that is repeated, it's submitted by the operator for repetitive usage for ATS * AFIL – flight plan filled in the air

* Parts of flight plan
* COM – Communication – it's inserted by ATS
It contains:
* Priority indicator and location indicator of aerodrom * Time of filling (Hours and minutes by UTC and day in month) * Location indicator of originator
* RAC – Rules of the air and air traffic services – filled by a pilot It contains:
* Item 3 – Tipe of message
* FPL (filled flight plan, with no significant changes) * RPL (repetitive flight plan)
* CPL (flight plan that contains certiant changes) * AFIL...
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