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Topics: Real number, Quadratic equation, Mathematics Pages: 3 (498 words) Published: May 15, 2013
Shankar Vihar Holiday Homework Class X


1. Define bravery. Relate it with “Two Gentlemen of Verona”. Give details of five children along with their acts who were awarded with National Bravery Award in the year 2012? 2. Research work on Vikram Seth – his writings, his status and comparison with at least two other contemporary writers OR Research work on the stories of HH Munroe. 3. Complete the work assignment of MCB Unit 1.

1. INVESTIGATORY PROJECT TOPIC : POLYNOMIAL a) Find the possible numbers of zeroes in linear, quadratic ,cubic and bi-quadratic polynomial with atleast five polynomial each. Draw graph for each case. What is your observation and what is the utility of your research? Do the Work-Sheet printed overleaf b) Examples of each polynomial will be given . Find the possible numbers of zeroes in given linear, quadratic and cubic polynomial and write three more examples of each and write their zeroes . Draw graph for each case. What is your observation and what is the utility of your research? 2. MODEL MAKING MODEL DEPICTING REAL LIFE APPLICATION OF MATHEMATICAL CONCEPTS. Few suggestions are as follows: (a) Concept of Solid Figure (b) Properties of Circle (c) Real life Geometry (d) Clinometer (e) Coordinate Geometry (f) Statistics, etc 1. PRACTICE WORKSHEET TOPIC : Real Numbers , POLYNOMIALS NOTE : 1. PROJECT WORK TO BE DONE ON PUNCHED RULED SHEETS. 2. WORKSHEET TO BE DONE IN MATH NOTEBOOK. 3. WORK TO BE SUBMITTED ON THE VERY FIRST DAY AFTER THE SCHOOL RE-OPENS.

a) Model Making supported by chart b) Collage on(any one): i) Nobel laureates ii) Harnessing energy iii)optical fibers iv) nanotechnology v)lab safety techniques vi) biotechnology c) NCERT Questions and revision of the syllabus covered.

A) Make a book jacket and write the synopsis of any one novel mentioned in history chapter 8-novels, society and history. B) Watch any one of the following movies and write any one incident...
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