Flashback (Short Story Written for Practice)

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Her knees was draw up to her chest, and her head rested on her knee. Her face was covered with dry tears as she looked out the foggy window. Today was Christmas the day she first met him and the day he left her.

On this day happy memories flooded back into her head yet sad memories also filled her head. He had left her 3 years ago and he had no plans of coming back.

As she looked out the window her lips curved into a small smile as she remembered the first time they met.


She was rushing down the busy streets of seoul late for her interview. Although she should be at home spending Christmas with her family right now, she found no time to spare as she was frantically trying to find a job to support herself. As she ran pass people she tried her best to avoid colliding into them. To her luck she made it to her location without any problem. Unfortunetly on her way towards the elevator she ran into a guy who had just abruptly stopped in front of her.

The impact of the collision caused her to crash to the ground while the guy dropped his files in his hands. Immediately she collected the flies on the ground while she continuously said sorry.

To her surprised when she stood up to face the guy she was standing face to face with a good looking guy. He smiled at her as he thanked her for picking his things up and before he left he apologized for the sudden stop.

Lost in her thought she watch the good looking guy walk into the elevator. A shoulder bump from one of the employees there brought her back to reality. Taking a quick look at her watch she realized that she was now 10 mins late.

Anxiously she waited for the elevator to open and once it did she quickly made her way in pressing the button to floor 9. Running towards the front desk she quickly pulled out the envelope that contained the interview information.

The lady working at the front desk directed her towards a grand marble door "You can go in" Thanking the lady she pushed opened the heavy door.

Her breath was caught in her throat as she looked at the big office infront of her. The person sitting on the chair behind the desk turned around revealing the same good looking guy she had bumped into earlier.

He directed her towards the chair infront of him, and once she had settled in he started asking her questions. All questions were normal and she had been ready for them all, all except for one particular question.

"Miss are you free tonight?"

(End of Flashback)

Her smile grew wider as she remembered how straight forward he was with her. He told her that he found her attractive unlike any other women he has ever met. At first she chose not trust him considering that he might've used it on other womens, but after working for him for a couple of months she couldn't help but fall for his charisma and his charms.

Since the first day they met he's been trying hard to prove that he meant every word he said. He stayed faithful to her even though they had no other connection than a employee and boss relationship.

As she sat on the window sill she spotted the snow man outside her window, she had just built it this morning after the first night of snow fall. As she stare out at the snowman she couldn't help but remember the happy times from the past.


Half a year after they started dating he had asked her to move into his house. He said he wanted to be closer to her, he wanted to wake up every morning to see her angelic face and hear her melody like voice every second of the day. And like always her heart melted and she agreed.

"Yah oppa!" she screamed feeling cold snow run down the nape of her neck. she turned around to glare at him.

Squatting down she grabbed a handful of snow and ran after him. Seeing her run right at him, he quickly dashed away but to his luck he tripped over and landed face first into the snow.

She who saw started laughing, running up to him she took this chance...
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