Customer Consumption

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  • Published : April 2, 2013
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Auerbach, Anthony
Psychology, Period 2
30 August 2011
Field Experiment
I began my field experiment at a local Safeway in South San Francisco. While entering, I noticed that the doors were electric, making cart movement accessible as well as walking right on in. I started walking to my left, noticing at least one hundred magazines on a sturdy cabinet layout. In front of me was the customer service department, providing customers with their assistance. As I continued, I recognized that there was no music playing within the grocery store. A coin machine held fort near the floral department. Heading now to the back of the store I heard an intercom providing employees with directions. At the back, I witnessed packaged meat, along with milk, and cheeses to be taken home from the cold fridges. Wanting to browse through the aisles, I had to take a look at the right corner of the store. Fruits and vegetables were well kept at a level in which hands could check and grab them as they pleased. The Deli section was last, displaying fresh meats to each customer. Salads were kept cool and off to the side with nutritious drinks. Pastries were last, right as you begin to exit. Entering aisle one, the main foods consisted of canned food, beans for the most part and rice. As I moved into the following aisles coffee and sugar were up for grabs. Next, household items appeared such as detergent, furniture polish and window cleaners. The middle aisle contained frozen foods like pizza, ice cream, cookie dough, and frozen diners. In the next couple of rows cereal, juices, and drinks filled the shelves, ready to be taken home. The aisles closest to the deli had different kinds of breads and tortillas. Checkout counters were in the very front. Energy drinks, candy, and more magazines were right in the midst of the conveyor belt.

Next I observed a small doctors office. Entering the building from small push doors with red lettering, I was greeted by a staircase. If one...
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