My Favourite Film

Topics: Pretty Woman, Richard Gere, Julia Roberts Pages: 1 (392 words) Published: November 20, 2011
My favourite film is “The Pretty Woman”. That is a romantic story about a millionaire, who accidentally drove into a strange and poor district of New-York, where he met a poor girl in the street, where she decided to earn money for her living. She has the aim: to study at the university and to obtain the profession, but she doesn’t have money for it. The millionaire got interested in her for her behaviour and knowledge of cars. He asked her to spend some evenings with him and offered her a good sum of money for her job. When he had to go to the official meeting with his business partners he asked her to accompany him. She didn’t have the appropriate clothes for that occasion and she didn’t know how to behave herself in the upper society. The manager of the hotel, they stayed in, liked her for her sincerity and simplicity and decided to help her. He not only helped her to buy nice and rich clothes, he also taught her how and which kind of a fork, a knife and a spoon to use, how to eat different dishes, how to behave herself at the table. When the millionaire met her in the evening he couldn’t believe his eyes. At the dinner-party she was a little bit clumsy in her behaviour but it helped them in the talk with the business partners. The millionaire realised that they were from different levels of the society, and they had to part in some days but her practical knowledge of life, her simple manners of behaviour helped him to achieve success in his business affairs. She even helped him to overcome his fear of height. Some days passed and they had to part. She left him without taking any money or clothes he bought for her. The millionaire was much surprised at it. He saw that though she was poor she had a rich soul. He realised he couldn’t live without her. With the help of the manager he found her house and confessed her in his love. Watching this film I was charmed with perfect work of Richard Gere and Julia...
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