Financial Performance of Florich Footwear

Topics: Income statement, Financial statements, Balance sheet Pages: 10 (3079 words) Published: February 5, 2013

An Undergraduate Research Title Proposal Presented to the Faculty of the College of Business Administration and Accountancy
Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Marikina

In Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements in Financial Management with Research Leading to the Degree Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Financial Management

Bataller, Jamaica Jean
Del Barrio, Jeremy Lalaine
Doron, Vanessa
Durian, Jovy
Galvez, Mariel Claudine
Javier, Jessica Ann Rachel

January 30, 2013

Man usually love to walk, to go in different places, to be with families, friends and love ones and wonder the beauty of the world. Of course, man strives for perfect outfit when going around, perfect clothes, perfect bag, perfect accessories and perfect shoes to be worn. These decisions are essential to be elegant yet simple. That is why; Shoes are part of a man accessory to be formal and casual. Like clothes and accessories shoes is one of the major confident boosters. It makes you feel good to wear such a great pair of shoes. This is why most women just adore beautiful shoes. Even men are thrilled to have great shoes. However, the importance of shoes and other footwear is more than its fashionable aspects. Shoes are essential because of various reasons. Shoes are important because it is a big part of your image. Whether you are in a corporate world or just walking around the block, image is very important. If you are wearing a dirty pair of shoes and you are talking to a client, you would not look very convincing. If you are wearing a good pair of shoes or boots people will think that you have a good taste. A good pair of shoes literally keeps you going. If a woman has beautiful shoes, she would want to go to work daily because she wants to flaunt her shoes. For hikers, if they have comfortable, sturdy pair of hiking footwear, they will be able to go on. Their feet will have better grip on the ground and they will enjoy the hike even more. Furthermore, the shoe industry success across the globe but shoe companies need to be adaptable in their offering, providing a range of shoes that can be worn at work, at play and at home. Basically, when we talk about shoes, we are talking about Marikina because of its notable shoe industry. One of the shoe companies in Marikina is the Florich Footwear Philippines Inc., it is a family owned and managed corporation with over 50 years of experience in the shoe manufacturing business. Its major product line is industrial footwear such as safety shoes, electro static dissipative footwear, work shoes, combat shoes and nurse shoes. The business provide industrial footwear because it is important to wear good shoes, as the foot alone has more than 25 percent of the body's collected bone mass. If any of these bones are or they become misaligned, the body may be affected in numerous ways. Although feet problems are not always noticed immediately, other pains, including knee problems, hip pains, lower back problems, shoulder and neck tensions, headaches and stomach aches, could be symptoms of misaligned bones in the feet. Footwear is very important because feet use them. Since people are constantly using feet, it is vital that address its needs. Make sure that he or she wears the right type of footwear for the activity especially in the workplace. Assessing what goods to be offer is a major aspect to consider for the business long run activity. To provide the best and ensure the financial aspect as long as business start its operation. Florich Footwear Philippines Incorporated as like other business operates for their financial aspect, for they capability in handling their income in a long run. Almost every business pays attention to financial performance, studies show that small and medium sized businesses in particular frequently do not engage in thorough financial...
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