Law and Order Svu- Barbie Shoe

Topics: Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Barbie, Flip-flops Pages: 4 (1370 words) Published: March 15, 2013
Law and Order SVU Where’s My Shoe?
Bong. Bong.

In Barbie Land District of Malibu, there’s only one thing that matters in the summer heat. Shoes are status. Shoes are the focal point of an outfit. Shoes are life.

Tuesday June 12, 2012
Apartment of Teresa Dollface
Apt. #126 Louboutin Lane
Malibu, California
Bong. Bong.

“Oh my God. Where is my shoe?” Teresa screams panicking. She holds the button down on the remote control that powers her revolving shoe shelf system. Around and around the shoes go --two by two, shelf by shelf. There it is again. The shelf neatly labeled Jimmy Choo Barbie Summer Sandal Edition only has one gold Jimmy Choo Barbie crisscross wedge. Teresa’s face is riddled with pain and disbelief. Her eyes are glazed over with a look of cluelessness. She says, “My shoe room is highly secured and my fingerprint is the only way to get in. I don’t loose shoes. I don’t lose a shoe. I have got to figure out who did this to me.” Her face is set in determination as she picks up her Apple iPhone 5s.

“911. What’s your emergency?” asks the operator.
Teresa’s voice cracks and she can’t get through what she has to say without sobbing into the phone, ”I have had a gold Jimmy Choo Barbie crisscross wedge Summer Sandal Edition shoe stolen fro-” “Ma’am,” the operator cut Teresa off saying, “You need to slow down. If I can’t understand you, I cannot help you.” Teresa slows down, saying, “Ok. A gold Jimmy Choo Barbie shoe of mine from the Summer Sandals Collection has been stol-” “You should have said that to begin with. What’s your name and address?” the operators voice changes to a helpful tone. “Teresa Dollface, Apartment Number 126, Louboutin Lane, Barbie Land County, Malibu California,” Teresa answers hopefully. The operator responds, “Stay calm ma’am. I am sending the Special Victims Unit to your place now.” “Thank you and please hurry.” Teresa hung up with prayerful tears.

Detective Ken Stabler’s Office
Special Victims Unit
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