Filipro, Inc.

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  • Published : October 20, 2010
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I. Time Frame: July 24, 1984

II. Perspective: Being the CEO , the viewpoint is to

III. Statement of the Problem: On-going strike of the workers for unfair labour practices.

IV. Objective: To develop a good relationship with some potential sources (commercial bankers and investors) of funds by giving the demands of the striking-workers.

V. Areas of Consideration:






( Opportunity )



1. The company having a good reputation.

2. It is a company of nutritional products w/c are basic needs.

3. CFC and Commonwealth Foods, Inc. (competitors)

4. Large sales

5. Nutripro decided to acquire 49% of ownership of the Filipro, Inc.

6. Low sales when it comes to baby foods (10%)

7. On-going strike by workers.

VI. Alternative Course of Action:

ACA 1: Supplement the demands of workers.



· The workers may stop from striking.

· It will take time just to convince the strikers.

ACA 2: Attract or get some more investors.



* The company will still have an option if ever other bankers will be uninterested.

· It will also take time for the company

to attract alternative investors.

ACA 3: Laying-off the employee or those workers on strike.



· Fewer employees less benefit, less wages, less overhead expenses.

· Those left might become so cautious or worry that for them to stay on the job they have to be more effective and productive and not do what the strikers did.

· Decrease productivity.

· This might affect the morality of the remaining employees, because of the fear of losing their job, their performance might become poor, and they might resign from their job.

· Less a productivity, a very little profit.

· The company might get a little bad feedback or image.

VII. Recommendation: Based on the said alternative courses of action, the ACA 1 is proposed to apply and use. To give or supplement the demands of the workers will raise a big help for them to take a break or stop the said on-striking and at the same time, for Filipro, Inc. to gain a good relationship with some potential sources of funds having good image or reputation to the public.

VIII. Action Plan:




1. Conduct a general meeting that will discuss the major problem of the firm.


Finance Staff

Staff Members

1 day

2. Set clearly defined objectives. Designed a program with the specific target.

Finance Staff

Staff Members

1 day

3. Objectives of proposal strategies and tactics to be implementing that can greatly help to solve the problem.

Staff Members

1 day

4. Conduct a meeting with the workers having strike.


Finance staff

Staff Members



5. Assign staff members to make an implementation for the demands of the workers.


Staff Members
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